Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Who Let the Dawg Out?

There was one thing I loved as much as collecting cards - collecting Topps stickers to put in their respective collectors albums.

As such, I ended up with plenty of dupes, including this 1982 Jerry Remy AL All-Star FOIL! (This being years before he wanted me to be a part of his fantasy or invaded the Land of the Rising Sun.)

Handsome as ever.

Jerry Remy
1982 Topps Sticker #132

Primarily I only collected Topps until the late 80's when Paninis started popping up around the 'hood (meaning they were sold at the corner store). Around that time, Panini also started this slick marketing campaign, obviously aimed at ADD-riddled children and Little Leaguers who hit like crap:


Harner said...

I think Panini forgot that bad advertising gets you nowhere.

Uglee Card said...

I think it's fucked up what those kids did to their opponents. That's not really encouraging good sportsmanship. What's next? Roids? Fucking Panini assholes.