Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Eric Rasmussen Needs a Date

Eric Rasmussen hasn't been pulling the tail like he once did. This online dating site profile of the notorious skirt-chaser was passed along to us. He seems like a catch.

Name: Eric Rasmussen

About Me: Ugh, yeah, um, I am a professional ball player, but really I'm just doin' this for the chicks. But, the well's runnin' dry, and I ain't gettin' laid no more.

Turnons: motor oil, circular saws, hunting rifles, cut-offs, pick-ups, the color blue, dry humping

: toothpaste/teeth, clippers

Ideal Date: Huntin' a little possum, nice dinner at Sizzler, back to my hot tub


Eric Rasmussen
Pitcher, Kansas City Royals
1984 Topps #724

Topps Fact: Eric's debut with the Royals resulted in a masterful 7-hit 4-0 shutout over the Red Sox, Aug. 6, 1983.
GMT Fact: His act of wandering around the clubhouse asking "What is the capitol of Thailand" got real old, real quick among Royal teammates.

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