Friday, May 9, 2008

Sons of Andy Etchebarren

(1967 Topps #457)

While the majority of my card span the 1970-80s, I salvaged some earlier cards from my grandmother's flooded basement that belonged to my father and uncles. Among them were a Roger Marris, Johnny Unitas, Brian Piccolo (Rookie) and a 1967 Andy Etchebarren.

Who? You might ask.

Well, only the Johnny Appleseed of 60's ballplayers.

Etchebarren was known to have father several offspring who later went on to become MLB "stars" in the 1980's, all united by the "Etchebarren brow."


Jeff Montgomery
Pitcher, Kansas City Royals
1989 Donruss #440

Donruss Fact: Emerged as a key member of the KC bullpen last year, ranking 4th on the team in ERA and 2nd in appearances.
GMT Fact: Montgomery's "Angry Face" was strikingly similar to his "Smiley Face" (pictured above).

Sammy Stewart
Cleveland Indians
1988 Topp #701

Topps Fact: Sammy pitched a 7-inning 1-0 no-hitter for Miami for Winter Haven, July 20, 1976.
GMT Fact: Sammy Stewart wasn't Mr. and Mrs. Stewart's favorite player.

Frank Tanana
Pitcher, Detroit Tigers
1987 Donruss #152

Donruss Fact: Had lowest ERA among Texas starters in '84.
GMT Fact: Teammates were so relentless in tormenting Tanana about his Etchebarren brow that he spent the entire 1990's wearing over-sized shades before realizing he could simply tweeze.

1991 Upper Deck #369
Bonus GMT Fact: His little game of "Find Tanana's Banana" had few takers over the years.


Sam Scorup said...

Busted up laughing at the Frank Tanana stuff.

allan said...

caught 4 twenty game winners-once spit at nixon