Friday, May 16, 2008

Rock Out With Your Jocks Out

The Lizard King...

Jim Morrison
Second & Third Baseman, Chicago White Sox
1981 Topps #323

Topps Fact: Jim led White Sox in Hits & Doubles in 1980.
GMT Fact: Known for his fondness for "snowballing," sophmoric teammate Britt Burns referred to him as the "Blizzard King."

The New Edition...

Bobby Brown
Outfielder, San Diego Padres

Topps Fact: He made his World Series debut
GMT Fact: Is only half the man Ralph Tresvant is. Often joked with teammates about "Choking the Famous Chicken."


Champ said...

How did the high-top fade fit underneath that Pad's hat?

Three Idiots on Sports

Philly Keith said...

I remember Roy Firestone and Andy Van Slyke had a very weird conversation about Jim Morrison on ESPN. That goon Firestone fired off questions thinking Andy was friends with members of the Doors, asking about the rock-n-rollers lifestyle and drug use as AVS gazed back clueless.


That interview was hilarious.....Firestone asked Van Slyke if he had seen any drug use when around Jim Morrison....Van Slyke looks at Firestone with a WTF expression and says: No!......Are you talking about Jim Morrison the thIrd baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates?......Firestone quickly cuts to a commercial. I don't remember if this was an April Fools Day episode or not, but it was funny to see Firestone get so embarrased.

lunkers4me said...

I remember the Van Slyke interview, a classic. Firestone was terrible, and AVS was his comical self. I wish I could find it for another laugh.