Friday, May 9, 2008

Fan Friday

Fans have sent over several of their favorite cards that they'd like to include on the site. Each Friday, we'll post some of them here.


Many folks expressed disappointed that while we noted the resemblence of Craig McMurty to Kip Dynamite, that we failed to acknowledge John Candalaria to Pedro.

Well, we didn't not notice it. We just hadn't gotten to it yet.

Here you go, jackels. Vote for Juan (John).

John Candalaria
Pitcher, California Angels
1987 Donruss #551

Donruss Fact: Led Angels' in ERA in '86
GMT Fact: Well, he had a sweet bike. And he's really good at hooking up with chicks. Plus he's like the only guy at school who had a mustache.


Reader Adam A. recommend...
GMT Sidenote: Remember the outrage of "Useless" Washington having the audacity to play with a toothpick in his mouth? WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS!?

One argument was that if a ball hit it, it could lodge in his throat and he could choke. What went unmentioned was the fact that he would also likely end up toothless if a ball hit him in the mouth.


This is my rifle, this is my gun...

Mark in York, PA recommends...

The first card is a 1989 Score Paul Gibson # 595A. In the background is the SS adjusting his cup! I am almost positive they made a corrected version (# 595B) with a white square covering up the offending hand and crotch. Here's a pic (not my website).
GMT: Whether you remember this card or not, click that link and laugh your ass off.
The SS is Luis Salazar -- there is no mistaking the moustache! I'll check my stash to see if I still have both versions if you think they are blogworthy.

The second card is a 1982 Topps Steve Carlton (card #1 - "Highlights"). "Lefty's" arm seems to have LEFT him!
GMT: While we would in no way consider Lefty a "common man," I'm including it because it always gave me nightmares.

Keep them coming!!!


Special thanks to all those who linked our new site including...
Apologies if I missed anyone. Email if I did.

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