Monday, May 19, 2008

Topps Thinks Pascual Perez is Disgusting

The Perez baseball dynasty. Like the Kennedys of Politics and the Jacksons of Music, it was a legacy tarnished by scandal and heartbreak.

Ultimately, the Perez boys became known for two things - their hair and their drugs.

Well, family-friendly Topps was not amused by their antics.

So they told kids everywhere what they thought of the family figurehead - Pascual - on the back of his 1990 Topps Big card.

And believe you me - as you will see - when Topps comes at you, it comes at you hard, pulling no punches.

Pascual Perez
Pitcher, New York Yankees
1990 Topps Big #291

Topps Fact: Pascual's mound antics have made him a fan favorite.
GMT Fact: (...a favorite to opposing teams' fans. His own teams' fans not so much.)

However, his biggest fan was fellow Dominican Jose "Joe Tables" Mesa, who vowed to keep the Perez legacy alive:

Mission accomplished.


Jose Mesa
Pitcher, Baltimore Orioles
1991 Upper Deck #703

Upper Deck Fact: Half of Jose 's wins have come at the expense of his former organization, the Toronto Blue Jays.
GMT Fact: Upper Deck fails to point out that Jose was a career 4-5 at the time and romantically courting Cito Gaston.

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