Thursday, May 15, 2008

Freaking at the Freakers' Ball

Mike Walker
Pitcher, Cleveland Indians
1989 Bowman #77

Bowman Fact: Acq: Via Draft
GMT Fact: If Mike Walker's eyes were any closer together, he'd be a cyclops.

Steve Rosenberg
Pitcher, Chicago White Sox
1990 Donruss #253

Donruss Fact: Signed originally by Yankees out of U. of Florida
GMT Fact: Rosenberg's face is comprised of a NASA-developed space age polymer consiting of Play-Doh and Velvetta.

Ron Robinson
Pitcher, Cincinnati Reds
1990 Score #495

Score Fact: Before his surgery, he had come within one strike of pitching the first perfect game in Reds' history against the Expos.
GMT Fact: During surgery, as a gag, doctors replaced all of Robinson's teeth with baby teeth. They forgot to include bottom teeth.

Bonus GMT Fact: Embarrassed by almost losing a perfect game to Ron Robinson, the Expos decided to hightail out of Montreal in shame. It took a over 15 years, but they got it done.


anthony said...

This is the lamest shit I ahve ever seen. Your comments are not funny and you're just embarrassing your selves copying peoples shit like that and then have the nuts to say inspired by JSF. You fucks flat out copied it.

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

Always great to hear from fans. Thanks for reading. Come back soon. Feel free to pass along any old cards we can use in the meantime.

the chief said...

That is the lamest comment I ahave (sic) ever seen. Your comment is not funny or demonstrative of basic english and you're just embarrassing your self (sic) copying your OWN COMMENTS like that and then have the nuts to pretend you aren't as much of a hypocrite as GMT apparently is. You fuck flat out nobody. (Comment inspired by anthony)

Was there a similar reaction to

anthony said...

Chief suck my balls. The only embarrassing shit I see going on here is that you sorry losers ran out of stuff to post and decided to copy somebody else's material.