Wednesday, May 14, 2008

GMT Trivia: Where Are They Now?

HHR's GMT caught up with some of our favorite 80's ballplayers recently.

We thought it'd be fun if our readers could test their knowledge on what some of them are now up to.

Match the player with where we found him. Post guesses in comments section. Answers will be revealed later.

Click to enlarge and get a real good look...

  1. Kicking your f*ckin' ass every-which-way but Satuday.
  2. Sesame Street
  3. Polishing his "gun."
  4. Looking in your sister's window.
  5. Coaching Little League and becoming frustrated that 8-year-olds can't explain to him the infield fly rule.

Mike Griffin
Pitcher, Baltimore Orioles
1988 Donruss #494

Donruss Fact: Was leading Rochester club in strikeouts and winning pct. (5-1) when recalled by Orioles.
GMT Fact: The Rochester Club is a go-go bar in upstate NY. For $50, dancers will dress up as ballplayers and simulate a 3-inning contest. Griffin still managed to post a loss.

Glen Hubbard
Second Baseman, Oakland Athletics
1989 Bowman #199

Bowman Fact: Born 9-25-57 Hann AFB, Germany
GMT Fact: Signs his name like a 10-year-old school girl.

Bill Scherrer
Pitcher, Detroit Tigers
1987 Topps #98

Topps Fact: Bill graduated from Cardinal O'Hara High School (Tonawanda, N.Y.)
GMT: Just learned how to ties his own shoes...ALL BY HIMSELF!

John Smiley
Pitcher, Minnesota Twins
1992 Upper Deck #785

Upper Deck Fact: Weight: 200 lbs.
GMT Fact: Prefers Hagar to Roth. DO NOT try to debate him on this.


Ariel said...

I've been to Tonawanda, N.Y. That dude is definitely a voyer.

Anonymous said...

1. Bill Scherrer
2. Mike Griffin
3. Glenn Hubbard
4. Gene Nelson
5. John Smiley

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

What a massive response!

The correct answers are:

1. E
2. A
3. D
4. C
5. B

Thanks for playing.

anthony said...

You guys are some fags. How dare you copy JSF like that find your own material Bitches

anthony said...

You guys are some fags. How dare you copy JSF like that find your own material Bitches

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

Thanks (twice).

Harner said...

Dang, I suck. I only got 5b right.