Thursday, May 1, 2008

About Our Banner

The cards featured in our banner were (amazingly in our eyes) all pulled from the same foot-long box of trading cards. In addition to learning that the 1987 Donruss set featured the ugliest set of portraits ever shot, the box was also the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back in starting this site.

About the lucky banner models...

LaMarr Hoyt
Pitcher, San Diego Padres
1987 Topps #275

Topps Fact: LaMarr's father Dewey, once pitched in the minors.
GMT Fact: Hoytt looks like a mustachioed Buddy Hackett. Is a white guy named "LaMarr."

Danny Frisella
Pitcher, Atlanta Braves
1974 Topps #71

Topps Fact: Learned to throw fork ball from Deigo Segui in Venezuelan Loop.
GMT Fact: Once made me a large pie at Papa's Pizza in Trenton; could be a Mario Bro.

Roy Smalley
Infielder, Minnesota Twins
1987 Donruss #443

Donruss Fact: Set Yankee club record for most HR by a SS (20) in '82.
GMT Fact: Looks functionally retarded. Resembles Wal-Mart greater.

John Candaleria
Pitcher, Pittsburgh Pirates
1983 Topps #755

Topps Fact: July 2, 1982: Scored 2 runs with RBI in win vs. Expos.
GMT Fact: Is a Mexican ninja. Sang back-up for the Commodores.

Jerry Remy
Second Base, Boston Red Sox
1985 Topps #761

Topps Fact: Jerry was All-League pick at Somerset (Mass.) High School twice at shortstop as prep player.
GMT Fact: Remy blames game 6 on Calvin Shiraldi.

Ron Washington
Infielder, Cleveland Indians
1989 Donruss #468

Donruss Fact: Got a new lease on life as an Indian in '88, taking over as their regular SS two months into the season.
GMT Fact: Got a new lease on life pushing a shopping cart collecting cans.

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Harry Doyle said...

Dude, John Candelaria is SO Pedro's twin. Vote for Pedro!