Friday, May 23, 2008

Foghat, Spectrum, 1976

The 1980's had no shortage of hard rockin' ballplayers.

The following group, who liked to refer to themselves collectively as the "Night Shifters," caused a ruckus in the Spectrum parking lot in 1976 when they commandeered a tailgating Winnebago and offered "free high hard ones" to any ladies offering coke. Randy Lerch was eventually locked up over night (and subsequently missed the concert) after soliciting an undercover officer after wandering into FDR Park.

Randy Lerch
Pitcher, Philadelphia Phillies
1981 Topps #584

Topps Fact: Topped Eastern League with 16 Wins at Reading in 1975.
GMT Fact: It took him the entire off-season to grow the mustache on his 1981 Topps card, but only 3 days to grow out his hair.

Barry Jones
Pitcher, Pittsburgh Pirates
1987 Donruss #602

Donruss Fact:Busy Middle Reliver in his rookie season last year with the Pirates, ranked 3rd on club in ERA.
GMT Fact: Barry Jones preferred the BOC to Foghat.

Ed Whitson
Pitcher, San Diego Padres
1987 Donruss #360
Donruss Fact: Named to '80 All Star team en route to 11-13, 3.10 ERA with Giants.
GMT Fact: Card makers were equally disgusted and in awe of Ed's gastrointestinal prowess during photo shoots. Topps decided that they'd immortalize him in the form of one of their Garbage Pail Kids. After being bogged down in litigation, to get around paying the Players Association for the rights to his name and likeness, they made him black and called him "Windy Winston."

Dave Frost
Pitcher, California Angels
1981 Topps #286

Topps Fact: He learned the palm ball from his Junior College coach.
GMT Fact: He learned the stink palm from Joe Beckwirth. When he was 31 he took my cousin to prom.

Joe Beckwirth
Pitcher, Los Angeles Dodgers
1983 Fleer #202

Fleer Fact: Had 2.70 ERA in 1982, second highest on the squad.
GMT Fact: That's the only time Beckwirth was ever described as the "second highest." He took great exception to this.


Tonegent said...

I don't care what he offers you son... do NOT get into Barry Jone's van!

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

I made that mistake once. Once.