Friday, May 2, 2008

Look at Us!

We have no chins!

Howard Hilton
Pitcher, St. Louis Cardinals
1990 Bowman #189

Bowman Fact: Howard made his Professional Baseball debut at Erie in 1985. He pitched at Louisville in 1989.
GMT Fact: Hilton liked the way his chest hair felt against the mesh spring training unis.

Ed Lynch
Pitcher, Chicago Cubs
1987 Topps # 697

Topps Fact: Ed lists reading and sailing among his hobbies.
GMT Fact: Ed couldn't take a worse picture if he tried. And try he did.

Billy Jo Robidoux
First Base/Designated Hitter, Milwaukee Brewers
1987 Donruss #240

Donruss Fact: Gave every indication of being one of the top hitting rookies in baseball last year until felled by a knew injury.
GMT Fact: Billy Jo's '87 Donruss gave every indication of being one of the top cards in the set, until felled by an SBD fart that produced his disgusted facial expression.

Randy Veres
Pitcher, Milwaukee Brewers
1990 Bowman #390

Bowman Fact: (None listed. However noted that he was the Brew Crew's #1 pick in Jan. 1985. So he has that going for him. Which is nice.)
GMT Fact: Is cockeyed in addition to having no chin.

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