Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fan Feedback

Help us out...
  • What is Jim smoking?
  • What does T.R. stand for?
  • What is Mike yelling?
List answers in comments.

Jim Kern
Pitcher, Texas Rangers
1982 Topps #463

Topps Fact: Don Money tied record with 12 assists at 2nd base, 6-24-77.
GMT Fact: Jim Kern was so baked during the 1982 season that when he saw Don Money's name on the back of his card, he rolled it into a joint and smoked it while playing a "Two Tickets to Paradise" 45 in his skivvies.

T.R. Bryden
Pitcher, California Angels
1987 Topps #387

Topps Fact: Born: 1-17-59, Moses Lake, Wash.
GMT Fact: T.R.'s mother was a mermaid, his father a trout.

Mike Madden
Pitcher, Houston Astros
1985 Topps #479

Topps Fact: (None given)
GMT Fact: Mike is the victim of his own "Madden Curse" - he only has one testicle.


Ariel said...

Jim is smoking peyote... he likes the natural stuff.


Mike is yelling "Who's been puttin de kools out on my flo?!? Dis rug is from Persia man, Persia."

Roughly Speaking... said...

Jim is smoking Amish pot by the looks of his beard.

Chris Illuminati said...

Jim is smoking hot

T.R. stand for 'True Romeo'

He is yelling 'Where da' hell Shawn Livsey? Sucka sold me a fake gold chain.'

Harner said...

Jim has to be on Vicidin

T.R. probably means Tribute Reynolds

Mike is yelling because someone is making fun of MLK in the background

Tonegent said...

Jim is smoking hashish and smiling because it's fun to say "hashish"

T.R. stands for Tornado Rumplestiltskin.

And Mike is yelling, "Craig Biggio said what about my hair? I'ma kill that cracka!"

Andy said...

It's actually Thomas Ray, of course. But the jokey answers are just as good. !

CL said...

1. The smile says Ecstasy but this was the 80s so I'm going to go with plain old weed.

2. "Top Rapist" by the looks of it.

3. N***a touch my Soul-Glo again and you finna get cut.

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

Wow - so many good ones to pick from. My favorites for each card to be posted tomorrow.

Russianator said...

Jim is smoking pole - not that there's anything wrong with that.

T.R. stands for TIMMY ROCKS

Mike is yelling, poor it in my hand for dime.

mrmatpsu said...

Jim Kern just finished taking a drag from a nitrous balloon. He's hiding the rest in that oversized fielder's glove.

T.R. = Tail Rater - he's analyzing some hottie while the picture snapped.

Mike is yelling at the repo man, towing his '74 Monte Carlo out of the parking lot.

worldclassfad said...

jim kern is smoking in the boys room, if you know what i mean

"tough ridin'" bryden

get yo punk ass away from the dubble bubble. sh*t's fo the playas!

Uglee Card said...

Jim is just high on life. Happy to be alive.

TR - Terrible righty?

Mike's yelling: Who the f glued my teeth together?