Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Anatomy of an 80's Baseball Common

Ed Vande Berg's 1983 Topps card has everything a collector can ask for in a common card of the 1980's.

Dip can prominently displayed in back pocket...[CHECK]

Mesh spring training cap before JT brought sexy back...[CHECK]

Obligatory wispy mustache and unkempt longish hair...[CHECK]

Forgetable name...[CHECK]

Ed Vande Berg
1982 Topps #183
Pitcher, Seattle Mariners

Topps Fact: Notched save in 4-3 win at Baltimore, 5-4-82.
GMT Fact: Repeatedly harassed Topps headquarters for assurance "Vande Berg" was in fact printed as two words to point Topps almost pulled the card from the set entirely.


Harry Doyle said...

How DARE you, Sir, refer to Ed Vande Berg as "common"?!

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

I just go by what the book tells me.

Ethanator1088 said...

You forgot that he was wearing Powder Blue uni. .. Check