Friday, May 30, 2008

Fan Friday

An esteemed panel of HHR scribes were joined by guest judge Blog of Hilarity Chris to choose the winners to yesterday's questions:
  • What is Jim smoking? (TIE)
jim kern is smoking in the boys room, if you know what i mean --worldclassfad

Jim is smoking hashish and smiling because it's fun to say "hashish" --tonegent
  • What does T.R. stand for?
"Top Rapist" by the looks of it. --CL
  • What is Mike yelling?
Mike is yelling at the repo man, towing his '74 Monte Carlo out of the parking lot. --mrmatpsu


Your prize is the actual card. If you actually want them, send us an email with your address. We will rip Jim Kearn in half. Don't worry about him - he likes getting ripped. Heyyyyooo!

Thank you all who playing. We had so much fun, we want to throw another pair up for you to amuse us with.

Today's questions:
  • Who does Lynn Jones think he is?
  • What is Rick Camp's beverage of choice?
Lynn Jones
Outfielder, Detroit Tigers
1982 Topps #64

Topps Fact: Often used as a defensive replacement and pinch-runner, Lynn had 4 RBI's vs. Yankees, October 4, 1980.
GMT Fact: Often used binoculars to "Beaver Hunt" while riding the pine.

Rick Camp
Pitcher, Atlanta Braves
1981 Topps #87

Topps Fact: Was an All-State football player in high school.
GMT Fact: (Not really, but his willingness to do anything to be able to satisfy addictions garnered him a reputation as a "wide receiver").


Chris Illuminati said...

Lynn Jones is thinking he will beat the next teammate that tells him he has a chick's name.

Rick Camp drinks the seamen of young boys. (I don't know if I spelled seamen correctly but I am not Googling it on my work computer.)

Zach said...

Lynn Jones thinks he is the white Richard Pryor only without humor.

Rick Camp prefers to quench his thirst with some mad dog 20/20 and then go dirt bikin' in the offseason.

Ethanator1088 said...

This is not funny, but Lynn looks like someone with the last name of "Infante"

Rick Camp drinks coke with fun dip powder as a chaser. We were all so young in the 80's.

Harner said...

Rick Camp drinks what Bubba J from Jeff Dunham drinks...Beer. But he says it like Bubba J at 2:00 in this video (not spam).

Tonegent said...

Lynn Jones thinks he gives the number one moustache ride in the Motor City... and you know what, ladies? He's right.

Rick Camp drinks Grape Thunderbird spiked with PCP and hears "Purple Haze" in his head 24 hours a day.

Anthony Juliano said...

Lynn Jones think he is John Oates to Alan Trammell's Daryl Hall.

Rick Camp's beverage of choice is whatever the hell he was drinking in 1981.

sweetbob said...

Lynn Jones thinks he's an extra in Cheech & Chong's "Up In Smoke"

Rick Camp's favorite beverage is the bodily fluids of an underage girl that thinks its cool that he's a baseball player

MMayes said...

I had the same thought on Jones: He thinks he's Cheech Marin.

Rick Camp, like every other bubba from the South in the 70's, drinks RC Cola with his Moon Pies and Goody's Headache Powder.

DonkeyPuncher said...

Lynn Jones thinks he is male, when in reality he was born a woman. Hence the extra effort with the mustache.

Rick Camp drinks his 12 year old daughters urine. He also bottles it and sells it to underage boys as "Beaver Beer."

Brian said...

please... leave Lynn alone. He is actually the missing member of the Village People.

mrmatpsu said...

Lynn Jones thinks he is Borat's long lost American cousin.

Rick Camp drinks Dickley-Dews. A favorite Southern cocktail consisting of George Dickle bourbon and Mountain Dew.

jred17 said...

I don't know WHO Lynn Jones thinks he is, but WHAT he thinks is that 60 percent of the time, it works all the time.

I think Rick Camp is your regular Busch beer drinker.

HookMan said...

Lynn Jones, the Outfielder Formally Known as Prince's Timid Younger Brother.

Rick Camp loves milk. Just look at those choppers!

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