Monday, May 12, 2008

Great Catch, Mike

You almost had it. Try opening your eyes next time.

When Jose Canseco's Juice book can out in 2005, Mike Greenwell made the argument, "Where's my MVP? [Canseco's] an admitted steroid user. I was clean. If they're going to start putting asterisks by things, let's put one by the MVP."

If you think Canseco has given him fits over the years, they paled in comparison to those induced by the Green Monster, whom Greenwell spent years with in Boston's left field.

One would think their proximity and likeness of name would produce a manageable, symbiotic relationship.

Not so much.

Try though he may, Greenwell was continually bullied by the larger, more veteran left field presence. He got picked on and routinely embarrassed. And baseball photographers ate it up. They knew anytime a ball was hit his was, Greenwell would cower before the Monster. And flashbulbs erupted.

Contrary to popular belief, Greenwell is NOT playing this ball off the Monster. He is actually throwing a ball AT the monster, to appease him. Like a sissy handing over his lunch money. He then ran and hid in Dave Henderson's vagumic.

Mike Greenwell
Outfielder, Boston Red Sox
1992 Topps Stadium Club #446
1994 Upper Deck #440

Topps/Upper Deck Fact(s): (None Listed)
GMT Fact: Mike Greenwell once ran into the Green Monster. It was at a bar after a game. Things were said. The Wall can be mean when he drinks. Almost like a monster. One time someone mistakenly called Greenwell "Monster." But only once. 'Cause Mike shot the poor f*cker who said it.

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CL said...

That's some epic camel toe Greenwell's sporting in the top picture.