Monday, May 12, 2008

He's LaCock of the Walk, Baby

Pete LaCock
First Baseman, Outfielder, Kansas City Royals
1981 Topps #9

Topps Fact: Pete hit .364 with 2 Doubles & one Triple for the Royals vs. Yankees in 1978 A.L. Championships.
GMT Fact: After half a speed ball during a late-night bender with Chris Codiroli & Craig Lefferts in Ybor City, Fla. in '74, Codiroli & Lefferts convinced Peter Pecker that he should change his name to something much less embarrassing to avoid further ridicule as a pro ballplayer. The next day, he filed paperwork to become "Pete LaCock." It's French.

GMT Bonus Fact: Pete LeCock never got along with Rusty Kuntz.

Chris Codiroli
Pitcher, Oakland Athletics
1987 Topps #217

Topps Fact: He and his wife have 2 children.
GMT Fact: He and his mistresses have 7.

Craig Lefferts
Pitcher, San Diego Padres
1987 Donruss #387

Donruss Fact: Signed by Cubs out of Arizona U. in '80.
GMT Fact: Spent first MLB paycheck on a Camaro and an "F.B.I.: Female Body Inspector" t-shirt.

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Ethanator1088 said...

I do not mean to be rude but you call this place Gem Mint Ten and you have a Bend in your LaCock.