Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Was Wrong

Earlier this week, I noted that Rob Wilfong quite possibly could have had the "most amazing display of recklessness at bat you've ever seen" on his 1987 Donruss card.

I was wrong. Wilfong was content breaking one hand.

"Why stop there?" asks Bruce Benedict. "Let's shatter both."

Clearly Benedict was not a Sonny Jackson fan, who if nothing else, could lay down a fundamentally-sound, picture-perfect bunt, all while mugging for the cameraman.


Bruce Benedict
Catcher, Atlanta Braves
1987 Topps #186

Topps Fact: Bruce's off-season schedule includes speaking engagements and serving as a H.S. basketball referee.
GMT Fact: Bruce's inability to hit above .225 for three consecutive years (1984-1986) is said to have caused Dale Murphy great rage. It is widely known that any time Benedict was at bat, Murph launched into uncontrollable "heck" and "damn"-filled tirades throughout their time together as Bravos.

Sonny Jackson
Shortstop-Outfielder, Atlanta Braves
1974 Topps #591

Topps Fact: Sonny's hobby is dancing.
GMT Fact: Sonny should have spent less time dancing and more time in the cage.

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MMayes said...

Sonny may have his hands positioned right, but his overly open stance while bunting was just begging Bob Gibson to find out if Sonny was wearing his cup that day.