Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pretty Boys

Tim Leary
Pitcher, Milwaukee Brewers
1987 Topps #32

Topps Fact: Tim pitched for US Team which finished 2nd in World Cup Tournamnet in Bologna, Italy, 1978.
GMT Fact: Actual Conversation...

Leary: Ok, Ladies, which of you will be lucky enough to go home with Tim Leary tonight?
Ladies: Who the f*ck is Tim Leary?
Leary: I played Jake Ryan.
Ladies: Niiiiccee.

Worked every time.

Randy Ready
Third Baseman-Outfielder, Milwaukee Brewers
1986 Topps #209

Topps Fact: He collected 1st major league Hit: 9-12-83.
GMT Fact: Seeing what luck teammate Tim Leary had posing as Jake Ryan, Ready tried to convince ladies that he was Long Duk Dong. When that didn't work, he grew a mustache and hit up a few gay bars.

Zane Smith
Pitcher, Atlanta Braves
1987 Donruss #167

Donruss Fact: Ranked 3rd on the Braves in wins and 2nd in strikeouts last year.
GMT Fact: Punched in the face by Ken Oberkfell for calling him "dude" despite numerous requests by Ken for him to "cut that sh*t out." Oberkfell had no tolerance for people from Wisconsin posing as stoner surfers.

Jim Slaton
Pitcher, California Angels
1986 Topps #579

Topps Fact: Born 6-19-50, Long Beach, Calif.
GMT Fact: Slaton now coaches Little League and was convinced by players' mothers that he could make a killing as a Chippendale on the side, despite pushing 60. They were right.

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Ethanator1088 said...

Zane Smith is to pretty baseball players what John Lock is to the Lost Crew. :-)