Thursday, August 20, 2009

Come out and Play

Ross Baumgarten
Pitcher, Chicago White Sox
1981 Topps #398

Topps Fact: Picked up victory in Major League debut, Aug 16, 1978.
GMT Fact: A year later he starred as Vermin in The Warriors.

About Vermin (From If The Warriors were The White Shadow, Vermin would be Salami. He's white, horny and in charge of making sure the gang gets where they need to go. Being that he looks roughly 10 years older—and 20 pounds heavier—than any other "kid" in the film, Vermin's claim to fame is a freeze-frame moment when his stunt double gets thrown against the subway bathroom wall and shatters the mirror. Well, that and having more hair on his chest than every gang in the film combined.

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