Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Keith Jackson's 227 Audition Photo

Keith Jackson
Tight End, Miami Dolphins
1993 Classic Pro Line Profiles #524

Pro Line Fact: When Keith Jackson was growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas, his mother Gladys had to work two jobs to provide for Keith, his brother Byron, and his sister Gwenitt.
GMT Fact: Following his mother's example, Keith sought additional employment by testing his acting chops. He was said to have auditioned for the role of 227's Lester Jenkins by simply handing them the family photo that wound up on his 1993 Classic Pro Line Profile card. Ultimately, he lost out to Sanford & Son's Officer Smitty, Hal Williams.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bobby Grich's Specialty

Bob Grich
Second Baseman, California Angels
1984 Topps #315

Topps Fact: Walloped 2 Homers at Kansas City, 6-25-83
GMT Fact: Walloped George Brett and Dan Quisenberry with 2 of his patented "stink palms" following the game.