Friday, November 21, 2008

Before They Were Stars

I came across a goldmine of unintentional comedy when I recently inherited a 1980 Philadelphia Phillies yearbook.

I'll be periodically scanning things in and posting both here and at HHR.

Before they were big league juicers and heart breakers, Bret and Aaron Boone appeared in the yearbook with their parents and younger brother, Matthew, whom they now affectionately refer to as the "Cooper Manning" of the family.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Damn, Lying Dominicans

Nice air cast.

Andres Santana

Shortstop, San Francisco Giants
1990 Bowman #230

Bowman Fact: He played at San Jose in 1989.
GMT Fact: Long before Miguel Tejada made headlines for blowing up during an ESPN interview over suspicious questions about his age, fellow Dominican shortstop Andres Santana was engaged in similar shenanigans. While his 1990 Bowman Card lists him as being born on 3-19-68, numerous baseball reference sites actually list him as being born 2-5-68. Regardless of his age, he sucked.

Friday, November 7, 2008

For All You Comic Book Nuts Out There...

This site is for you...

Kids, Don't Get Too Close

Rick Waits
Pitcher, Milwaukee Brewers
1986 Topps #614

Topps Fact: His 1st major league One-Hitter: 4-7-79
GMT Fact: Rick Waits...and stares...and touches himself inappropriately.