Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Remembering World League Football with Pro Set

Stan Gelbaugh
Quarterback, London Monarchs
1991 Pro Set #704

Pro Set Fact: Named World League's offensive most valuable player after leading London Monarchs to title in 1991.
GMT Fact: Named World League's most offensive mustache after gluing a caterpillar on his upper lip in 1991.

Wayne Davis
Linebacker, Orlando Thunder
1991 pro Set #23

Pro Set Fact: Two-year National Football League veteran was top overall selection among linebackers in the 1991 World League Draft.
GMT Fact: First World League linebacker to dress like a "G-d damn" lemon-lime popsicle.

Roman Gabriel
Head Coach, Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks
1991 Pro Set #24

Pro Set Fact: Former all-pro quarterback and most valuable player in 1969.
GMT Fact: When Gabriel heard the coaching gig came with free red slacks and a Haines 50/50 ash-colored sweatshirt with a poor man's stealth bomber on it, the deal was sealed. To make said deal official, Gabriel simply shot the Skyhawks owner the old finger gun and winked.

Jason Garrett

Quarterback, San Antonio Riders
1991 Pro Set #31

Pro Set Fact: Ivy League Player of the Year while at Princeton in 1988.
GMT Fact: Today, no one would know who Jason Garrett was had he not starred opposite Jim Carrey in the Truman Show.

Todd Hammel
Quarterback, New York-New Jersey Knights
1991 Pro Set #19

Pro Set Fact: Also was in camp with Atlanta Falcons
GMT Fact: No helmet can possibly contain Todd's massive f*cking cranium and aerodynamic mullet made of space age polymers.

Kay Stephenson
Head Coach, Sacramento Surge
1991 Pro Set #27

Pro Set Fact: Former Buffalo Bills head coach was in real estate business in Florida when Surge came calling.
GMT Fact: Stephenson remains the first and only real estate agent ever hired to coach both an NFL and WL football team. Can still get you a great deal on a 3-bedroom, 2-bath in Bocca.

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Gnopple said...

wait is that really the same guy? He was in Beautiful Girls -- the best movie evah.

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