Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baseball's Folk Hero

Dan Boone
Relief Pitcher, Baltimore Orioles
1991 Score #715

Score Fact: The most heart-warming story of '90 might just be the return to baseball of Dan, the seventh generation nephew of the famous frontiersman.
GMT Fact: Boone was once ejected from a game for circling the bull pen car around Joel Youngblood and trying to give him 'blankets.'

GMT Bonus Fact: Dan was 36 when Score deemed him a "Rookie Prospect." At 36 Daniel Boone was slaughtering Indians in Kentucky like it were his job, whereas Dan felt the need to carry on the family name by harassing Chief Wahoo in Cleveland.

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1 comment:

Matthew Appleton said...

Wow... calling him a "Prospect" at 36 is bad enough, but it borders on the completely ridiculous when you find out that he had a legitimate rookie season nine years before Score printed this card. In fact, Donruss, Fleer and Topps all printed cards of him in 1982.

This is truly a really bizarre card.