Monday, June 2, 2008

You People Are Sick

As sick as you are funny.

When judging Friday's caption winners, most of the HHR staff came back with the same reaction: "What kind of readers are you attracting over there?"


That said, one of you demented folks swept the contest by near unanimous vote...tongent.
  • Who does Lynn Jones think he is?
Lynn Jones thinks he gives the number one moustache ride in the Motor City... and you know what, ladies? He's right.
  • What is Dave Camp's beverage of choice?
Rick Camp drinks Grape Thunderbird spiked with PCP and hears "Purple Haze" in his head 24 hours a day.

Hope you are all enjoying these as much as we are. We are going to do a couple a week.

FYI: CL's TR "Top Rapist" Bryden will be dropped in the mail tonight.

1 comment:

Tonegent said...

Demented, eh?

Lucky for you, I take that as a compliment :P

Love the blog, keep it up!