Monday, June 2, 2008

Milwaukee's Holy Diver

Charlie Moore
Catcher, Milwaukee Brewers
1987 Donruss #372

Donruss Fact: Had 13 OF assists in '82.
GMT Fact: This would be impressive had he not been a catcher. These antics very much frustrated the Brew Crew's pitching staff, namely their "enforcer" Mark Clear who is said to have beaten the tar out of Charlie in an incident in which he ripped his mustache off with his bare hands.

Mark Clear
Pitcher, Milwaukee Brewers
1989 Donruss #528

Donurss Fact: Lead Brewers in appearances in '87.
GMT Fact: Undefeated in clubhouse staring contests in '87. Looking into Clear's eyes is said to be equivalent to seeing the devil himself. Once ran sound checks for Ronnie James Dio.

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