Monday, June 9, 2008

Why Get Lasik When You Can Rock These?

Alan Knicely
Catcher, Philadelphia Phillies
1986 Topps #418

Topps Fact: He collected 1st major league Hit: 9-17-81.
GMT Fact: Also collects robots. Lost a bet with Dave Collins over who could rock bigger specs. Had to grow a Billy Crystal beard.

Dave Collins
Outfielder, Detroit Tigers
1987 Donruss #215

Donruss Fact: Ranked 2nd on Tigers in stolen bases last year.
GMT Fact: Once bullied Ricky Henderson into racing him in his underwear. To add insult to injury (because that's the kind of guy Dave was), he had a photog on hand to document the entire thing.

Rickey Hendersdon
Left Fielder, Oakland Athletics
1991 Score Dream Team #890 (DT 10 of 13)

Score Fact: Rickey infuriates, distracts and disrupts an opponent better than anyone in the game.
GMT Fact: Rickey butchers, flubs and massacres the English language more than anyone on the planet.

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