Friday, June 13, 2008

GMT's Slo-Pitch All-Stars

Dave Stapleton
Second Baseman, Boston Red Sox
1981 Fleer #236

Fleer Fact: ML Avg. .321
GMT Fact: Refuses to acknowledge that there is no base stealing in 10-foot-arc slo-pitch. He has been thrown out 3 times.

Pete O'Brien
First Baseman, Seattle Mariners
1992 Score #141

Score Fact: He excels in scooping up low throws and at turning the 3-6-3 double play.
GMT Fact: Refers to everyone as "Meat," except Bob Kearney who he calls "Shithead."

Bob Kearney
Catcher, Seattle Mariners
1987 Topps #498

Topps Fact: Bob and his wife are parents of a daughter.
GMT Fact: After Kearney sanded down and repainted a Miken composite bat (which he calls his "daughter"), his team would joke that "all it does is make Bob pop-up higher."

GMT Bonus Fact: Bob loves yelling 'COMING DOWN' in situations other than games.

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