Wednesday, June 11, 2008

3 Sets You Probably Don't Own

What do the Phanatic, Youppi! and Bad News Brown have in common besides having never been in your kitchen? You probably don't own their trading cards.

Phillie Phanatic
Mascot, Philadelphia Phillies
1992 Donruss Triple Play #133

Triple Play Fact: He has a lot of fun with fans, players, managers and umpires and is very friendly.
GMT Fact: ...unless your name is Lonnie Smith.

Mascot, Montreal Expos
1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack/Mascot Madness

Upper Deck Fact: A young 14 years old, Youppi! still performs with the joy of a rookie as he makes as he makes his way around Olympic Stadium entertaining the fans when things aren't going well for the home team.
GMT Fact: Youppi! has the notorious distinction of being the first mascot thrown out a game, August 23, 1989, and was often ridiculed by players, announcers, fans and fellow mascots alike for being, well, Youppi!. He turned to a life of heavy drinking and spousal abuse.

Bad News Brown
Heel, World Wrestling Federation
1989 Classic WWF #79

Classic Fact: Bad News doesn't have any friends or allies, nor does he want them.
GMT Fact: Bad news doesn't use any deodorant or toothpaste, nor does he want to, thus, the lack of friends and allies.

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