Monday, September 22, 2008

Alright Boys, Act Like Catchers

Whats more beautiful, the way in which they squat down and take pride in their position, or the sweet smell of spring training in the background?

Love how with the exception of Berryhill, none bothers to put on their equipment. Here's hoping they were sans cup and opened themselves up to a Vin di Bona smorgasbord.

Damon Berryhill
Catcher, Chicago Cubs
1990 Bowman #33

Bill Schroeder
Catcher, Milwaukee Brewers
1989 Topps # 563

Jim Sundberg
Catcher, Texas Rangers
1989 Topps #78

Jody Davis
Catcher, Chicago Cubs ("Now With Braves")
1989 Topps #115

Scott Bradley
Catcher, Seattle Mariners
1990 Bowman #483


Andy said...

Sundberg and Bradley didn't even bother to put on their helmets.

MMayes said...

Looking at the facial expressions of these five, I think you could call them....

.....The Tools of Ignorance.