Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Da Meat is Off Da Hook!

Photographer: "Ok, Dmitri, for this shot just look like a silly bastard. Perfect."

Dmitri Young
Third Baseman, St. Louis Cardinals
1993 Upper Deck #428

Upper Deck Fact: "...scouts believe he can be a Terry Pendleton type when he fully develops."
GMT Fact: Translation: "Fat Third Baseman."

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MMayes said...

In September 1987 Pendleton hit a big game-winning homer against the Mets in Shea to help the Cards win the division. In the post-game interview, Pendleton talked about how he got the lower part of his body into it...and the guys have been telling him that he's got a rather large lower part of his body.
Translation: Pendleton, if you can ever get your fat a$$ into one, it'll go out of the park.