Friday, August 8, 2008

Fan Friday: Bless NESW's Bleeding Heart

Leave it up to a bleeding heart do-gooder to embarrass himself while waving the flag of "decency."

We like Ethan Jaynes. We do.

But his post at NESW Sports, "Gem Mint Ten has gone too far, Video," is laughably hypocritical.

In an attempt to raise the social consciousness of our GMT readers by preaching racial tolerance towards our brothers across our southern border, in response to yesterday's Angel Salazar post, Ethan preaches:
"Mexican Americans are much more than picking tomatoes. I am tired of the stereotypes. I could write down all of the OTHER things Mexican Americans do, but I will leave it to this video. I would like to personally thank Cheech and Chong for opening my mind to other ways of thinking, and I hope the folks and Gem Mint Ten watch the vid."
I guess to Ethan, all Hispanics are "Mexican" or better yet, "Mexican American."

See, had Ethan just ran a simple web search, he would know that Salazar is neither "Mexican" nor "Mexican American," but Venezuelan.


Ben said...

Great. Now the idiot politically correct crowd has found baseball cards. Would we be considered Baseball Card Collecting Americans regardless of our ethnic heritage?

Keep up the good work of pissing off the PC crowd.

Ethanator1088 said...

My bleeding heart has a bandaid on it. So you do not have to worry about me. :-)

It has been a weak. This was only a joke. I love Gem Mint 10 and HHR. I hope anyone that checked out the post could tell that. This blogs sense of humor is off the charts. That is why I tried to play along.

Yall have a goodun!